• 101st Ohio Infantry Private Wounded At Battle Of Franklin Writes Of Rosecrans Army

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    The 101st Ohio Infantry was organized at Monroeville, Ohio, and mustered in for three years of service on August 30, 1862.  The 101st was in many engagements, including the Defense of Cincinnati, the Atlanta Campaign, Siege of Atlanta, Second Battle of Franklin and the Battles of Perryville, Stones River, Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, Nashville, Jonesboro and others. ALONZO T. BISHOP enlisted as a Private on August 1, 1862, and was mustered into D Co of the 101st.  Bishop was wounded at the Battle of Franklin and was discharged on April 27, 1865 at Columbus, Ohio. 

    4 pp, 5 x 8, ALS, Bishop writes to his parents, Camp Two Miles, South of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, March 8th, 1863. 

    “...Your letter found me enjoying good health. We have not got our pay yet but I expect that we will get it soon. We would have got it before this time but there was some trouble about our muster roles. The paymaster said there was no such Regt. in the service...but they got the papers so I think we will get it in a few days...There is a report that this brigade is agoing to Fort Donaldson...I have to go out on dress parade & I will finish this some other time. 

    “Dress parade is over...It is snowing very finely...Wils is well. He is agoing to go in the mounted infantry. There was three that went...Wils & George Hubbell & Darwin Partner is agoing in the first place. The company elected five to go by vote...I expect they will leave the company in a few days. But they are going to have their camp at General Carlins’ headquarters so they will only be about twenty miles from our camp...Our Sargent is going with them. Three out of every Co. all though Rosecrans army is going. If I had thought if Delop would of not come back to regt, I would have triet to went but I thought that hf he was coming back, I would stay as to be with him.  George Hubbell is going but I wish that he was not for he is the best boy that is in our Co. to my notion. I got a letter from Will & Eliza & Cous Bill today...Bill says the he as got the California fever that he had better not think of going until this war is settled.  For he might get drafted and then his wife would be in a pretty fix.  But I guess that there is not much danger of his going.  When this war is over, if I have the good luck to get home, I will go with him...Lieut Leatimer saw Dave Fries [?] yesterday. He is well. He said that he had been sick some since the battle. But he is well enough now. He said he would come and see us some day.  Capt. Woodruff was here the other day...” 

    Nice letter from a solid regiment involved in many battles. 

    Toning, folds.  Punctuation added and spelling corrected in translation for clarity. 

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