• 1838 Naval Pursuer Appeals To Martin Van Buren Appointee For Pay; Fears Lawsuit

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    JOHN BOYLE was chief clerk of the United States Navy for many years and, named acting Secretary of the Navy several times during the administrations of Andrew Johnson and Martin Van Buren. Following his death, Boyle’s administrator, Cornelius, filed suit against the Navy to secure payment for the added income that John Boyle should have received during the time he was acting secretary ($6,000 a year).  It appears as though the court ruled in favor of Boyle’s estate, paying Boyle’s heirs for the added salary.  The letter offered here was written to Boyle a month before President Martin Van Buren appointed him as acting Secretary of the Navy and still in his position as chief clerk of the United States Navy.


    JAMES JONES appears to have been a naval pursuer, a person who handled money on ships.  (Research included)


    The 3 pp, 7 ¾ x 9 ¾, ALS, was written by Jones from Hammonville, VA, to Boyle in Washington, DC, with 18 ¾ cents of manuscript postage and a nice integral address leaf earnestly urging Boyle to intervene and assure that Jones receives his commissions and those of others.


    “…Mr. Hendrich appears much disappointed. He says we cannot even claim commissions as adm [administrator]owing to the irregularity of our acts or rather our not having any regular act & making no returns such has says been the late decision of the U. S. Court.  I should not like to lose my half of the commissions…Do not give him satisfaction [as] he denys our right to our claiming commissions…You know it makes no difference with me as adm. I get half or near half. As regards your agency, there will be no difficulty I hope as you were so kind as to make us when we [wanted] to know what you would charge as you obliged whatever we thought was helpful which Allen is before me.  We must do something…with him for I dread a suit much for us in the U.S. Courts.  He will sue us…From the act of the dells…they must be all paid & money in hand since the bonds came due. Please send us an act of your agency by return mail if possible.  M.H. looks upon me as culpable to a considerable degree. He thinks we have not done our duty…He says our acts are without dates…I mentioned our case to a…lawyer…He says we have acted wrong & the case when we are sued must go against us…I hope in your next communication you will have it in your power to say that all the debts are paid & that you have something for us…


    Toning and folds. Seal tear affecting a few words. Else very good.


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