• 7th VA Governor, Constitutional Convention Delegate Edmund Randolph Signs Land Grant

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    Offering a 12 ¾ x 14 land grant for 922 acres signed on October 13, 1787, by EDMUND RANDOLPH (August 10, 1753 – September 12, 1813), the seventh Governor of Virginia who as a Virginia delegate to the Constitutional Convention, helping to create the U.S. Constitution. He was the second Secretary of State and the first United States Attorney General during George Washington’s presidency.  Randolph was born to the influential Randolph family in Williamsburg in the Colony of Virginia.  In 1779, he was selected as one of eleven delegates to represent Virginia at the Continental Congress and served as a delegate through 1782.


    At the Constitutional Convention, Randolph, who was 34 at the time, argued against the importation of slaves and in favor of a strong central government, advocating for a plan for three chief executives from various parts of the country.  He also proposed and was supported by unanimous approval that a national judiciary be established (Article III of the constitution established the federal court system.)  At first, Randolph was only one of three members who refused to sign the Constitution, along with fellow Virginian George Mason and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts.  He felt the final document lacked sufficient checks and balances.  Randolph ultimately signed the Constitution as he did not want Virginia to be left out of the national government.


    Randolph resigned as Secretary of State over a scandal involving relations with France. After leaving the federal cabinet, Randolph returned to Virginia to practice law, where he led the state bar. His most famous case was defending Aaron Burr at his treason trial in 1807.


    The land grant was made to Jabez Bacon and was challenged in 1872 at the U.S. Supreme Court (Shuttle v Thompson) in a case that involved Oberlin College [research included].


    On parchment, the grant has early folds.  Some soiling and wear, mostly to the right side.  Wafer seal intact.


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