• 8th VT Infantry Soldier Writes Of Battle Of Fredericksburg, Some Call Gen. Burnside A Traitor

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    The 8th Vermont Infantry Regiment was a three-year infantry regiment that served in major theaters, first in Louisiana and then in Virginia from February 1862 to June 1865.  The regiment was engaged or present at the Occupation of New Orleans, Raceland, Boulte Station, Bayou des Allemanda, the Steamer “Cotton,” Bisland and Port Hudson, and Opequon, Fisher’s Hill, Cedar Creek and Newtown in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.


    GEORGE P. EDDY, enlisted on December 9, 1861 and was mustered in on February 18, 1862.  Eddy was wounded at Opequan, VA, on September 19, 1864


    7 3/4 x 12 1/2 ALS to his wife, Bashear City, Louisiana, December 26th, 1862.


    “I wrote to you a few days ago but I am determined to have a letter go out every mail as you have been so fortunate for the past. There is a mail at the City which will be here tonight but whether I shall be one of the fortunate ones or not I can’t tell – We have the news of the Battle of Fredericksburg (in the N.O. Delta) but have not heard what our forces done after the retreat across the River – Some of our Regt. think Burnside to be a traitor for taking so small a force to fight 200,000 but I can’t say so yet I think he found much larger force there than he expected and was of course obliged to retreat to the other side to wait for reinforcement; but I don’t known but they are right and I am wrong, though I shan’t give up that Burnside is a traitor until I hear more from there – Yesterday when we were on drill several musket balls came flying over us and among us so we found it best to leave to report to the Col. One ball passed through our midst and went through one fellow’s pants leg but it never drawed blook – We found it was some of the 21st Ind. Regt that had gone over there are got drunk, so we not yet been where we have been fired at by the rebels.


    “...Sat 27th Your letter of the 7th came to hand last night also the Greenfield & Springfield papers and Guardians – I am very glad you sent them as I am acquainted with a great many of the soldiers in the 52 Regt – the piece you marked in the Republican I sent home again as I can explain it to you better when I get home if ever I do than I can write it – Thibeaudaux is 4 mi from Lafourche not on the railroad but north of there – The Bridge we built was at Bayou Des Allemandes – I perfectly understand how many drafts you have received as you will see by my last letter...I guess I shan’t get a draft for my own pay until the Capt gets down to be with the Co, as I would rather he would make it out to anyone else...


    “You speak of my drinking Whiskey I told you before that I had not drank any only when the Dr. ordered it and I have not tasted of it but a very few times...I expect Gen Banks will go ahead when he gets things ready.  I don’t get my warrant and am afraid I shan’t if the Capt don’t get able to come among us again as Lieut Morse don’t like me very much for my buying and selling them – I know I shall get it if the Capt gets so as to be with the Co again for he says I shall have it for all anyone else...


    “I hope Burnside will scorch sides of the rebels so they will be glad to give up so we all can go home. David Tooley says if he knew that he got to stay here until dog days would run away but I don’t mean but I don’t want to go as bad as that – I would not run away if I knew I had got to stay here my time out – The rebels are deserting and come here every few days but it is nothing certain – some think we shall to Thibeodaux to take the place of Gen. Weitzel’s Brigade – for want of room...”


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