• Amos Kendall, Andrew Jackson's Kitchen Cabinet, Postmaster General -- Free Frank and Autograph

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    AMOS KENDALL (August 16, 1789 – November 12, 1869) was an American lawyer, journalist and politician. He rose to prominence as editor-in-chief of the Argus of Western America, an influential newspaper in Frankfort, the capital of the Kentucky. He used his newspaper, writing skills, and extensive political contacts to build the Democratic Party into a national political power.  An ardent supporter of Andrew Jackson, he served as United States Postmaster General during the Jackson and Martin Van Buren administrations. He was one of the most influential members of Jackson's "Kitchen Cabinet", an unofficial group of Jackson's top appointees and advisors who set administration policy.  Returning to private life, Kendall invested heavily in Samuel Morse's new invention, the telegraph. He became one of the most important figures in the transformation of the American news media in the 19th century.


    Offering his free frank on a 6 ¼ x 7 ½ cover, addressed in his hand to J.K. Paulding, Navy Agent, New York, NY, with the word Free and 4th Auditor. Additionally, stamped FREE and red postmark.  Also, included is a portion of a document signed by Kendall as auditor.


    Toning to Free Frank with seal remnant and faded postmark.


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