• An American Describes Ireland In Glowing Details To Folks Back Home

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    6 pp, 5 x 7 ¾ , January 11, 1879, Belfast, Ireland, Uncle Crom, writes to “My Dear Lilly and Cole.


    In small part, “...We left NY the 30th of Dec. and had what was called a pleasant passage. But I notice the ship’s log states that we had ‘fresh gales’ day after day, which means as some would express it that it blew like the devil...There were many pleasant incidents connected with the journey across, notwithstanding I felt from well. The steamer was large – the ‘Germaine...’ We had near 100 passengers and the novelty of the thing made it interesting...Arriving at Queenstown, which we did about midnight, I disembarked as at first intended and...after passing the ordered of the customs officer came...on English soil...I started a stranger in a strange land to find the ‘Queens Hotel’ which, after a short walk, then dimly lighted, I found. It was dark...I had nearly shaken the massive doors...I found the bell pull and in less than half an hour, after I had given it several yanks, a full blooded Irishman came moping down the broad stair case...trousers fastened  round him with his suspenders...He was the genuine article...He showed me in and to bed...When I woke in the morning...I got my first glimpse by daylight of the Emerld Isle and the harbor of Cork...Queenstown is a beautiful place...Left for Cork by sail along the banks of the River Lee. Everything was novel...Arrived at Cork after a half hour’s ride, spent a few hours there. Then took cars again for Dublin where I spent two nights. It is a beautiful city. I could not but notice the taste displayed in the goods exhibited in the shop windows...Everything seemed of such nice materials and so well made. I went through Dublin University, founded in 1570 – think of its age!...Sentinels in uniform and with muskets keep watch and work....The old House of Lords is a room nicely carpeted containing the original mahogany table and other furniture...polished and fresh. Also a marble statue of Charles the Third and large tapestries...Huguenots of the 16th century – one commemorating...the Battle of the Boyne and another the Siege of Deny all wrought by hand – all the property of the Bank of Ireland...


    “The Irish people are notably polite...and take real pleasure in answering the many questions a Yankee is capable of asking...The hotels are queer and they have odd ways of doing things. Your room contains everything you could ask for – the nicest of china – the softest of linen – high posted, mahogany, canopied bed...


    “Tomorrow I go to Glasgow, Scotland, then to Edinburg, after that to Liverpool, London and Paris...I have had a call from an Episcopal minister whom I met on the train, an intelligent young man – and have found him entertaining and agreeable. He lives in London and I hope to meet him again there. I have wish I was there now. The possibility of so much transpiring that may affect our happiness, permanently, detracts, in some degree from the pleasure of the trip...Your affectionate brother and uncle Crom” 


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