• Archive of Cabaret Performer Hildegarde, Dubbed the Most Famous Supper Club Performer by Liberace

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    Hildegarde (1906-2005) was an American cabaret singer and dubbed “the most famous supper-club performer who ever lived” by no less than Liberace. Hildegarde headlined nightclubs across the globe for close to seven decades, along the way igniting the now common vogue for single-named celebrity. She was once referred to as a “luscious, hazel-eyed Milwaukee blonde who sings the way Garbo looks.” Her admirers ranged from soldiers during World War II to the Duke of Windsor. She was the lesbian partner of her early manager Anna Sosenko.

    Three item archive: One page, TLS, two page, ALS, and an original complete edition of the April 17, 1939 edition of “Life 1982” signed and inscribed in green ink on the cover, “Bless you, Judi Bar. Love, Hildegarde. Nov. 20, 1982.” In very good condition with minor wear, date smudged.

    Great content one page, TLS, 8 ½” x 11” to biographer Chaw Mank. Some foxing, fold splits repaired with archival tape. Else very good. In part: "I was so sorry that you were unable to get me on the radio. There was a mistake. I was on WMAQ instead of WGN. I was furious when I heard this but it was too late to get in touch with you.

    "However, I did mention the book to the man who interviewed me and I autographed one for him too and he promised that he would mention it too. As a matter of fact, you might drop him a note.

    "Tell him that you are the one who published and complied this book of favorite prayers, and perhaps he might be able to mention it every once in a while. I realize that you have invested a great deal of money in this book and I do wish I could help you, but God knows I have tried. Marshall Field & Company have promised to carry it. It is strange that you said in one of your letters that you sent the Book Buyer at Marshall Field & Company your book and yet Mr. Hoffman, the Manager of the Book Section, didn't seem to recognize it when I gave it to him. I had a picture taken holding the book in my hand with Jim Mills. As soon as I get a copy, I will send one to you.

    "Thank you for wanting me to write a FORWARD for your second book on Prayer. This will take time and thought. Forgive me if I don't take care of it right away because I have piles of letters to answer and many other obligations first…”

    2 pp, 5” x 7”, ALS, January 3, 1983, on Palmer House Chicago stationary dated September 2, 1957. Excellent condition.

    “Judi Barr: Thank you so much for the lovely hankie & scarf. You are just too kind & thoughtful, but what a good soul you are! I made a list of gifts I received before I left NYC & Dammit, I forgot to take it with me & I’m furious with myself. I have wracked my brain trying to remember all the gifts and from whom!! One package didn’t have a name or card – 25 cards & a hankie or small scarf in green wrapping paper. Is that from you Bar? Oh, I’m so embarrassed, I could die! Please be honest. I am wondering about you and your Florida adventure. I hope what ever it is, you’re happy above all. I love being in this show & Praise the Lord, it is a hit & so am I!! I thought you’d like seeing the program. God bless you with lots of goodies in 1983. Love Hildegarde.” In very good condition.

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