• British Loyalist Timothy Paine Offers Land Title Proof For Patriot Luke Drury In 1773

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    TIMOTHY PAINE was born in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1730 and went to Worcester, MA, at an early age.  He was loyal to England and, during the Revolutionary War, was unable to complete building his home, known as “The Oaks,” because of the hostility shown him as a loyalist. Paine served as town clerk, selectman and representative to the General Court. When he received a commission as Mandamus Councilor, fellow citizens who referred to him as “Paine the Tory” couldn’t overlook the appointment. An unarmed army of 3,000 marched to his house and persuaded him to resign and to read his resignation on the “Green” (Worcester’s old common).  Paine fled to Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the Revolutionary War due to his Loyalist leanings. He returned after the war and recovered his property at 140 Lincoln Street in Worcester.  Paine died in 1793.


    One page, 3 x 6 ¾ ADS, “Worcester, May 7th, 1773 I have this day searched the records for Deeds for Sd County & to not find anything on Record done by the within named Luke Drury to prejudice his Tittle to the within lands Tim[othy] Paine Reg[istrar]”


    LUKE DRURY (1737 – 1811) was the son of Capt. Thomas Drury and Sarah Clarke of Grafton, MA. He was a farmer and a grist mill operator. He served as the town’s constable, deputy sheriff, collector, assessor, selectman and representative to the Massachusetts General Court. In 1757, he became a member of the town’s militia during the French and Indian War.  Drury was captain of the Minute Men at the Lexington and Concord alarms at Bunker Hill.  He later joined Col. Jonathan Ward’s regiment to fight at Bunker Hill.  He also supported the Continentals financially. He became deeply involved in Shay’s Rebellion in 1786, a tax revolt led by farmers in Western Massachusetts.  The uprising was quashed and Drury was imprisoned for his rebel activities “as a person dangerous to the state.”


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