• [Bunker Hill, Lexington, Concord] Washington Appointed Revenue Supervisor Seeks Credit For Revenue Stamps

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    JOHN CHESTER (1749 – 1809) saw action in the Revolutionary War from the Battle of Bunker Hill to the Battle of Trenton as part of Connecticut’s troops.  His image is shown in the famous John Trumbull painting holding and defending the mortally wounded General Joseph Warren. He led a group of about 100 men at the battles of Lexington and Concord, enabling them to distinguish themselves.  Chester was wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill.  He was commissioned Colonel in June 1776 and fought at the Battle of White Plains [NY], where he was wounded. He was also at the Battle of Trenton with George Washington in December 1776. He left the army in 1777 and was speaker of the Connecticut Legislature. Washington appointed him as Supervisor of Revenue in 1791.


    Offering a single page, 8 x 9 ¾, March 25, 1801, to Collector White. “Herewith I shall transmit you stamps in the amount of $128.64 as list enclosed which you will find to be correct. You will please to transmit under list of the two, & to credit the amount on you Abstract of Stamps for the Current month, even if they should not actually be received, till the next quarter.  I am Sir, your most obedient servant, John Chester, Supervisor” Interesting that Chester is asking that the stamps be credited for the current quarter, even if they hadn’t been received.


    A couple of ink burns. Expected toning.  A great piece of early Americana.


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