• Charles Manby, Fellow Of Royal Society, Built First Iron Steamship, Lit Up Paris With Gas Lighting

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    CHARLES MANBY (1804 – 1884) was a Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Society. With his father (Aaron Manby, 1776 – 1850), he built the first iron steamship to go to sea. He also obtained the concession for lighting Paris with gas.

    1 1/2 pp, 8 x 10, ALS, to Ramona, sending her permission, discussing employees, saying that business is bad and that he is always traveling to get orders. Written from Harley Street on February 24, 1868, in French. Translation included.

    “My Dear Ramona, On my return a second time from Northern Europe, I found your two letters of the 13th and the 17th instant and hasten to agree with your request. You will find enclosed herewith a postal order covering the amount of your pension for the month of March and that of Edward for the term. Would you please acknowledge receipt by return of post? I am glad to learn that you have made arrangements with Mr. and Mrs. Hazledon regarding the mining business and I hope you will derive considerable benefits from this. I have also learnt with pleasure that Edward is still in good health and gets on well with his employer. I think you are probably wise to settle down with him, in order to look after him and provide him with a comfortable home. I shall write to him as soon as I have a moment’s leisure, always traveling in order not to miss orders which, in my absence, could go elsewhere rather than to us.

    “I am sorry not to be able to give you good news from these ladies. Henrietta is still unwell and Mrs. Toveart herself has not been well for some time. We even feared for her life a week ago but by a dint of great care she appears now to be on the road to recovery. Only Arthur is well.

    “Everyone sends affectionate greetings to you and Edward. I myself still carry on running around failr well for an old man of 64, but civilian and military affairs weigh rather too heavily on me.

    “I send you my love, dear Ramona, and believe me to be always your affectionate.

    “Charles Manby”

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