• Chief Justice Warren Burger Writes His Friend Daniel Patrick Moynihan About Judiciary Building

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    WARREN EARL BURGER (1907-1995) was the 15th Chief Justice of the United States from 1969 to 1986. Although Burger was a conservative and the U.S. Supreme Court delivered numerous conservative decisions under him, it also delivered some highly liberal decisions on abortion, capital punishment, religious establishment and school desegregation.


    DANIEL PATRICK MOYNIHAN (1927-2003) was elected to the United States Senate from New York in 1976 and re-elected in three subsequent elections, serving 24 years. Prior to his years in the Senate, he served as ambassador to the United Nations and to India and worked in four presidential administrations, from John F. Kennedy’s through Gerald Ford’s. Moynihan was somewhat complicated and difficult to pigeon-hole into either the liberal or conservative camp. He supported the ban on partial-birth abortion, saying it was too close to infanticide. He strongly opposed President Clinton’s proposal to expand health care coverage to all Americans. He also voted against the death penalty, the flag desecration amendment, the balanced budget amendment, the Defense of Marriage Act and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


    One-page, TLS, October 6, 1988, Burger to Moynihan, “Thank you for your letter enclosing a copy of The Congressional Record for September 23rd on the Judiciary Building. “I have written to the President, and I enclose a copy of my letter (not included) for your files. I believe Chief Justice Rehnquist has also written to the President. Many thanks for your great support on this project. “Best regards, “Warren” Folds, file numbers on the front.


    Light toning, folds, filing numbers stamped and written on letter away from text.


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