• Civil War Blockade Letter Instructs Acting Ensign To Capture Ship At McGee's Wharf, Charlotte Harbor, Florida

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    2 pp, 8 x 13 ¼, LS by W.R. Brown, acting master commanding, from the U.S. Bark Restless, Charlotte Harbor, FL, July 6, 1863, to Acting Ensign Charles P. Clark, Commanding U.S. Sloop Rosalie, issuing orders for the blockade.

    “You will proceed with the ‘Rosalie’ just before dark, with the 1st and 2nd Cutters of this ship in tow (if you have a good wind) to where the two vessels are lying, loaded with cotton. Before getting near enough for the enemy to see you, land a force of twenty men with Mr. Easin, Mr. Crane, and Branning while you and the two boat crews, with Mr. Browne, Mr. Russell and Dr. Page will go on in the ‘Rosalie’ (after landing your force) to cover the men with your Boat-Howitzer. After you have captured the schooner and sloop, send them down to me, with all my men and officers and you must lie in wait behind Pine Island for the clipper sloop, which is twenty miles above the other two vessels. The vessels you are going after are at McGee’s Wharf. You will keep you vessel close in under the land, that the enemy might not discover you.

    “You with sloop the boats had better not double the point until you see a rocket, which will show that all is right, and that the vessels are captured. But if you hear firing and do not see the rocket go on to the men’s rescue with all possible dispatch. If it is necessary to retreat make it your duty to cover the retreat, but be sure in so doing that you do not fire into our own party.”

    USS Restless was acquired by the Union Navy during the Civil War. She was used as a gunboat by the Union Navy to patrol waterways of the Confederacy to prevent the South from trading with other countries.  During the Civil War, Charlotte Harbor was used to ship cattle to the Confederacy.

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