• Civil War: Confederate Jailer Killed in Street Fight; Insulting Rebs Get a Drubbing

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    4 pp, 5” x 8” ALS with a fine Civil War period 2 pp poem written by Pvt. George H. Vandusen, Co. K, 2nd NY Veteran Cavalry, Talledega, AL, July 9, 1865, to his wife.

    “…There was quite a tragedy occurred in town here a few days ago between a rebel conscript who was a union man and the jailor of this place who chased him with hounds and forced him into [CSA] service about 3 years ago. They…had a few words when the jailor stabbed him three times. He then struck the jailor, knocked him down and stove his head all to smash. He was buried a day or two ago. We have hurd since that he died from his wounds night before last. Our boys were down to the theater and a Confederate got to quarreling with one of our boys who went off and left him but he followed and commenced to fuss again when our fellow went in and whipped him so…He was convinced of the supremacy of the North…So you see we are not going to take any of their lip after having been used as some of us have by them. The rebs are pretty sure to give the sidewalk and if they insult any of our boys they are sure to get a drubbing. The Southern Chivalry is played out…There has been orders come for this regt to be held in readiness to be mustered out of the service. We may be mustard out in a week and we may not in six months or not until our time is out…Oh dearest wife I hope that we shall soon see each other again. Things certainly look favorable. Oh how I long to clasp your to my heart, to gaze in that sweet dear face that I remember and love so well and to hear that dear force that is dearer than the sweetest music to me. I know…that you are longing to have me where you can sleep on my arm…and to tell me all your troubles…and hug and kiss me…”

    His two-page poem, in small part, “Childhood days now pass before me, Forms and scenes of long ago, Like a dream they hover on me, Calm and bright as evenings glow…Pledging life and love to me, My prayers are soon to be united, In our much loved home with thee…” Much more with drawings.

    Folds. Toning. Irregular margins on poem sheet.

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