• Civil WAR-DATE Rear Adm. David Farragut Sends Note from His Flag Ship USS Hartford

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    DAVID FARRAGUT (1801-1870) was born in the South and married a Virginia-born woman.  He lived in Norfolk, VA, among family and friends at the time of the Civil War, making him an unlikely Union supporter.  Farragut made it clear to all who knew him that he regarded secession as treason. Just before the war's outbreak, Farragut moved with his Virginian-born wife to Hastings-on-Hudson, a small town just outside New York City. The navy still had some doubts about Farragut's loyalty to the Union because of his Southern birth and that of his wife. Farragut was ultimately accepted for the major role of attacking New Orleans. While on board his Flag Ship steamer, the USS Hartford, which sported 25 guns, (and was being accompanied by a fleet of 17 ships), Farragut bombed the two forts in New Orleans compelling the Confederates into surrender and took the port and city of New Orleans, a decisive event in the war!

    Congress honored him by creating the rank of rear admiral on July 16, 1862, a rank never before used in the U.S. Navy. Before this time, the American Navy had resisted the rank of admiral, preferring the term "flag officer", to distinguish the rank from the traditions of the European navies.


    Offering a fine one page, 5 ¾ x 7, note scripted entirely in Farragut’s hand, neatly inlaid onto a sheet, dated Jan. 18, 1864/1:30 am, signed D.G. Farragut/Rear Admiral. Written from his Flag Ship, the USS Hartford and reading “Rec’d the enclosed papers per clk [clerk] duly.”  Accompanied by a very fine printed engraving of Farragut, 7 x 10 3/4, which has ghosted ever so slightly onto the verso of the signature page, not affecting the text. Minor ink offset. Two significant references contained in the note state his distinguished position of Rear Admiral and its being written from his iconic Flag Ship “Hartford.”

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