• Civil War Letters: West Stockbridge, MA, Recruits Soldiers, Pays Bounties

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    WILLIAM C. SPAULDING was the town clerk and treasurer of West Stockbridge, MA, during the Civil War.


    In 1861 at its first legal town meeting to at upon matters relating to the Civil War, West Stockbridge selectmen were authorized to pay state aid to the families of volunteers as approved by law.  The town furnished 160 men for the war, which was a surplus of eight over the demands. One was a commissioned officer. 


    Two ALSs, 7 ¼ x 9 ¼, Spaulding writing for the committee on December 21 and 29, writing to Dr. David Campbell, apparently the recruiting agent.


    On December 21, Spaulding writes, “We should want all the men you can furnish and the terms will be accepted so the committee me to inform you.


    “I send a form of the subscription in circulation which will get enough to pay $50 per man. We are to have a town meeting, and…will fi the $15 & $25 premium to suit you. If there is any precise form of vote necessary to fix it, as I understand was done in your town, we would pursue it in that form…


    “Please make any suggestions that seem to you pertinent to the object we have in view, either for the citizens or town to do.


    “If you get us any men, how will it be more convenient for you to fix it as to the Selectmen’s signatures.


    “W.C. Spaulding


    “For the committee”


    On December 29, Spaulding writes, “How about men – Please inform us of the prospects today if you can.


    “Is it required that our Selectmen should do any formal part about recruiting them…


    “Give us any information you can & oblige


    “for the committee


    “W.C. Spaulding


    “We are depending on you for some men at all events.”


    Both letters are beautifully stamped with clear West Stockbridge, Mass postmarks. Both have folds, toning. The second letter is in pencil.  Very fine early Civil War recruitment Americana.


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