• Confederate Founding Father Toombs Fled the United States to Avoid Arrest After Civil War; Forges Land Deal

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    ROBERT AUGUSTUS TOOMBS, (1810-1885) was a founding father of the Confederacy, a Whig Party Senator from Georgia, its Secretary of State and a Confederate General in the Civil War. In 1852, he was elected as a Democrat to the Senate. He commanded a company in the Creek War in 1836. He was a member of the State Sovereignty Convention at Milledgeville, GA, in 1861, and served during the Civil War in the Confederate Provisional Congress. He also served as Secretary of State of the Confederate States.  In his farewell address in the Senate on January 7, 1861, he said: “We want no Negro equality, no Negro citizenship; we want no Negro race to degrade our own…”  Toombs fought the First and Second Battles of Bull Run and Antietam.  Washington officials believed that Toombs, Jefferson Davis, John Slidell and Howell Cobb were responsible for the war and ordered their arrest after the war. Toombs fled to Havana and then to London. He returned home to Washington, GA, in 1867, refused to take the oath of allegiance and was stripped of his citizenship.

    Toombs restored his lucrative law practice after the war and we’re offering a 3 pp, 5” x 8” ALS, dated March 7, 1870, from Washington, Georgia, to an unknown captain regarding a land deal. He speaks highly of Col. Trusten Polk, an attorney, and recommends that the captain employ Polk to handle the land deal.

    Polk was the governor or Missouri in 1857, U.S. Senator from 1857-1862, colonel in the Confederate States of America, and a military judge.

     “I received a letter from Mr. H.B. Cattele of Missouri…accepting our proposition contained in my letter…of seven thousand five hundred dollars cash (in currency for his interest in the Texas land of Crawford, Foundry & Cattele. He [will] meet us at St. Louis as soon as convenient to close the matter & I have written to him tonight that we would do so as soon as we are notified that he will be there. I referred him to my friend Col. Trusten Polk, an eminent lawyer of St. Louis who can close the business without our personal presence…After the execution of the letter, send them on to St. Louis to Col. Polk to settle the matter…I shall have to come to Augusta to have ours signed before the Texas Commissioner…I think we have done well & with the energy of such a young man as you…and my long experience in this troublesome business, we shall soon be able to work out a respectable fortune for us all. It has been a long shot and a few years ao looked like a bad chance, but is is the first time I have seen clear light in the business & I now think a prosperous end to the long journey that the gov. & I have taken is near at hand…when we have closed the deal with Cattele…R. Toombs”

    Folds, a couple of pin holes at top, affecting nothing, one fold tear reinforced with archival tape. Light expected toning . Nice piece of history from one of the founding fathers of the Confederacy.

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