• Confederate Requests Photographs from Wife; Sent to Camp Chase for Traitorous Letters; Sends Contraband New Clipping to Wife

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                                       Censor Examines and Signs Cover

    DR. ALFRED HUGHES (1824-1880) was a well-respected physician practicing in Wheeling, VA, when the war broke out. He began writing seditious letters against Lincoln's administration as correspondent for the Baltimore Exchange. Labeled a traitor, Hughes was imprisoned for eight months at Camp Chase in 1862. After his release, he moved farther south to Richmond, Virginia. His family's arrival there helped give rise to the belief that he was a peace commissioner sent to the Confederacy's capitol in order to help end the war. Lionized by many in the south, he was even elected to the Virginia legislature. He also advocated enlistment of slaves into Confederate military service.

    4pp, 7 ¾” x 9 ¾” Camp Chase, Sept. 9, 1862, ALS to his wife.  He sent a newspaper clipping (not present), which did not favor Lincoln’s administration.

    In very small part: "…the request that you would send Delia and Aldie…up to Mr. Wykes' and have their pictures taken. Have two pictures taken…one with them standing together…and one of each taken…put them in frames…and there keep them until I come home…when freed from this prison…I have received no more papers since last I told you…the last you told me you sent I have never got & never expect to now…send no more now unless I tell you. It is throwing money away for nothing & giving others the benefit of it. I enclose you a slip of editorial from the 'Ohio State Journal' printed at Columbus & which I hope will be permitted to pass this conversational contraband. Though, I have not much doubt myself on the subject. The journal is a staunch Administration paper & always has been. Be particular…in letting me know the receipt of my letters by number…your ever true & faithful husband, Alfred Hughes." 

    Also included is the original stamped transmittal cover manuscript inscribed: "Examined C. W. B. Allison, Col." Col. Charles W. B. Allison (1820-1876) was colonel of the 85th Ohio and post commander of Camp Chase. Ironically, Allison became a resident of Hughes' hometown, Wheeling, West Virginia, after the war.

    Letter has folds and is a bit light, but readable.

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