• Continental Army's First National Apothecary, Appointed By Washington, Instructs Associate-Surveyor To Pay An Account For Him

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    Offering a two-page, 4 x 7 ¾, ALS by ANDREW CRAIGIE (1754 – 1819) instructing an apparent business associate THOMAS TUFTS to pay Benjamin Lee “as soon as you possibly can Two thousand five hundred Dollars on my account. If you have already paid him the one Thousand Dollars as mentioned in my last letter you will have to pay him one thousand five hundred Dollars. Your humble sevt, Andrew Craigie.”

    Verso contains a note from Lee asking that Tufts pay the amount owed him to Nathaniel Gorham, Esq.  Finally, Lee issues a receipt. “Received of Thomas Tufts, Esq. One thousand dollars...in New York Bank paper. Also there has been paid by Mr. Tufts to N. Gorham a like some, both amounting to two Thousand Dollars. Benj Lee”

    CRAIGIE is best known for serving as the Apothecary General of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, appointed by George Washington.  He was the one-time owner of the Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site. Craigie developed much of East Cambridge, MA and was responsible for the construction of the Canal Bridge connecting East Cambridge and Boston, which later became known as the Craigie Bridge. In 1775, the Continental Congress created a hospital for its army of 20,000 soldiers and in time Craigie became Apothecary General.  After the war, Craigie sold drugs wholesale with a partner and eventually became a financier and land speculator, amassing a large fortune.  He bought up large amounts of unpaid war debt of South Carolina at a good profit. He is believed to have cared for the wounded at Bunker Hill.

    Some bleed through, but overall in excellent condition. Another sheet has been added, possibly by a researcher, dated 6-21-1917.

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