Days of Republic Numbered by Self-Centered Politicians

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Founded in 1805, the New England Society in the City of New York is one of the oldest social and charitable organizations in the United States, established to promote "friendship, charity and mutual assistance" among and on behalf of New Englanders living in New York.

3 pp, 5” x 8”, ALS, March 23, 1887, New York. Society secretary L.P. Hubbard writes to Richard Lathers on superb New England Society letterhead: “I intended long ago to have tendered by grateful thanks for your courtesy in sending me a copy of your admirable letter to the ‘Andre Capture Association,’ on the occasion of your recent celebration. We must come back to the principles you so eloquently advocate or the days of the Republic are numbered. I am not yet quite seventy nine yet I can remember when men were sought for official positions who had in view the best interests of their country and not self. I well remember when Philip Hone was Mayor of the City of New York. Then it was esteemed honorable to hold a seat in the Board of Alderman. Your letter ought to be printed in letters of gold and have a wide circulation. Let us adopt the principles you so graphically advocate and the permanency of our institutions is assured. It is a source of pleasure to me to believe that the tendency is in that direction.”

Normal wear to first page. The letter is beautifully written.

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