• Dr. Jackson's Hydropathic Spa, Abolitionist, Invented Breakfast Cereal, Offers Diagnosis

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    Dr. Jackson’s Hydropathic Spa, Abolitionist, Invented Breakfast Cereal, Offers Diagnosis

    JAMES CALEB JACKSON, was born in Manilus, NY, in 1811, and came to Dansville, NY, to take over operations of a water cure facility.  In his early years, Jackson made a name for himself as an abolitionist orator and publisher and embraced hydropathy, a 19th century alternative medicine.  Once in Dansville in 1858, he turned “Our Home on the Hillside,” as he rechristened the facility, into one of the most successful and famous medical institutions in the country.  Jackson is credited with inventing the first cold breakfast cereal, a whole-wheat product he called granula, which was similar to the contemporary grape nuts cereal.

    CHARLES THORNDIKE owned a box manufactory at North Weare beginning in 1837.  The factory burned in 1937.  

    Offering a one-page, ALS, from Our Home in Dansville, NY, Oct. 12, 1865, Jackson offers a significant diagnosis to Thorndike, urging him to come to his facility for treatment.  “…I advise you by all means, if your strength will permit, to come to us. It is the best thing you can do. What you are suffering from – as near as I can judge from what you say of yourself – is Torpidity of the Liver and Congestion of the Lungs.  Unless you are worse that I suppose you to be, I think you are curable. We will do for you everything we can if you come to us. I write in great haste in order that I may not miss the mail. Yours Truly, Jas. C. Jackson, M.D.”

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