Ex-POW 57th Massachusetts Regiment Wants to Go Home

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Private Arthur B. Wyman, 57th MA Regiment Volunteer Infantry, from Woburn, MA. He enlisted on March 31, 1864, and was mustered into CO. K, 59th MAVI on April 21, 1864. He transferred to Co. K, 57th MAVI on June 1, 1865. Wyman was wounded in action in the Siege of Petersburg, VA, on July 30, 1864. He was taken prisoner at Petersburg on July 30, 1864, and was exchanged on February 22, 1865.

4 pp, 8” x 5”, Tenallytown, MD, June 7th, 1865, Wyman writes to his sister Mary in Woburn, MA (cover included).

“…At the present moment ‘All is quiet on the Potomac’ or at best in that portion of it near which we are situated. It is not as the whole time, however, for during the night, there are generally about four or five drunks and they vie to see which cam make the most noise, thus making it very pleasant for those who are disposed to behave themselves and go to sleep as decent men. There is nothing special in the way of news for me to write. We are still in the same place and according to present appearances, likely to remain here, although we cannot tell what may turn up. Last Sunday afternoon, Gov. Andrews was here and made a short speech to the soldiers. It was very hot and I suppose that was the reason that he did not speak longer.

“He said that he hoped to meet us in Massachusetts in a few days, and I sincerely hope that he will not be disappointed. Our brigade is rather small now, having only three regiments here, one of which is to leave before many days.

“Last Saturday evening, there was a dress parade with candles, composed of two brigades. It was a splendid sight and altogether ahead of any torchlight procession that ever I witnessed.

“…Geo. Dana…is enjoying his usual good health. He is beginning to despair of missing the hat as time moves on towards the 17th. I see by the Woburn papers that they are going to have a great time when the 39th arrives, which I suppose will be shortly. I wish it was the 59th, although I suppose that the 39th have the best right to come home as they have been into so much longer than we have.

“I suppose that Charlie Winn will be at home before long, as I see that his Battery is to be mustered out. I suppose that many men will be rejoiced at such an event. They will never hear the last of batter 11, however.

“Do you ever send me any newspapers? I have received but one package since leaving home and I have pretty strong suspicions that they keep some of them at Headquarters for their own use. I have known of them doing such things and many others complain of the same thing.

“I suppose that you have heard that we are to be consolidated with the 57th Mass. We are about as good as consolidated now, although I believe that we are still considered as separate regiments…

“Many of our officers are coming back to the regiment now that the fighting is over. I suppose that they would like to remain two years longer not the Privates, however.…”

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