• Greeley Newspapers Include Coverage Of Utah Mormon War, Lecompton Constitution, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Buchanan, Whigs, Aaron Burr Biography

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    HORACE GREELEY (February 3, 1811-November 29, 1872) was an American newspaper editor and publisher who founded and edited the New-York Tribune.  Long active in politics, Greeley served briefly as a congressman from New York and was the unsuccessful candidate of the new Liberal Republican Party in the 1872 Presidential election against incumbent President Ulysses S. Grant, who won by a landslide.  Greeley endlessly promoted feminism, temperance, socialism, vegetarianism, abolitionism.  During the Civil War, he mostly supported Abraham Lincoln, though he urged the president to commit to the end of slavery before Lincoln was willing. 


    Offering 12 1857 November and December issues with articles relating to President James Buchanan’s efforts to prevent Brigham Young’s Mormons from settling down in Utah and establishing their own government; anti-slavery, politics (particularly Kansas), local and international news.  An interesting period shortly after the New York State election held on November 3, 1857. Dates include November 12, 17, 19, 20, 24, 25; December 2, 4, 8, 18, 21, 29.  Approximately 16 1/2 x 22, 8 pages per issue, top edges uncut. Ninety-six pages of news coverage and advertising.


    Articles also include a wide variety of coverage of the day’s issues, including:


    Anti-Whig sentiments (“We deem any attempt to revive the Whig Party as preposterous as would be an effort to revive the Anti-Jackson party of 1832, or the Clintonian Party of 1812 or ’20.  The revival of the Whig Party means...a new party struggle for a National Bank and a Protective Tariff...This is sheer lunacy...;”


    “The Military Expedition to Utah is ominous...A supply train of seventy-five wagons...had been surprised and captured by a Mormon detachment. If this prove true, there can be no longer a rational doubt that Brigham Young means to resist the entrance of the troops into his capital with all his power and to the last extremity...The Expedition set out weeks too late and its destruction would devolve a terrible weight of responsibility on the authorities at Washington. We trust that the report of actual hostilities on the part of the Mormons may prove unfounded...” [Brigham Young had been appointed governor of Utah and James Buchanan tried to unseat him.]


    “What is the political atmosphere of Kansas that should render it fatal to her Governors? Reeder—Shannon—Geary—and now Walker—all disowned by their superiors...All these...were appointed as ‘National Democrats...appointed by Pierce and Buchanan expressly to foil the machinations and crush out the aspirations of ‘Black Republicanism.’ Each went to Kansas the traditional and official antagonist of the Free-State Party. Each was strongly prejudiced against our people...None of them had ever betrayed an Anti-Slavery impulse or affinity...Each had been an unflinching advocate of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill...”


    [Purchasing horse flesh] “Our reports from the horse market bring more people from the country to buy than to sell horses. We are sorry that some of them are disappointed in their expectation of meeting with ‘great bargains’ in horse flesh...Other[s] wanted a good farm-work horse...”


    “Parton’s Life and Times of Aaron Burr [advertising a book] “Burr was greatly in need of an honest and painstaking biographer...The subject seems to have been a repulsive one to American authors. Mr. Parton has happily taken it up in the spirit of a student...entirely free from the distortions of prejudice or over zeal. He is a cold-blooded dissector but zealous lover of facts...”


    “During the discussions on the Kansas-Nebraska bill, The Tribune suggested that probably the next project of the slaveholders would be the revival of the African Slave-Trade...It turns out to have been...only a piece of rational thought...[It] has already become a regular topic of Southern agitation...under discussion in not less than three Southern Legislatures...In South Carolina it came up on the report of  special committee to which had been referred certain portions of a message of the late Governor Adams in which the policy of reviving the African Slave-Trade was strongly urged...”


    “A dispatch last evening from St. Louis states that in the bogus elections held on the 21st in Kansas, the Lecompton Constitution with Slavery was adopted by the majority. But few figures are given...The new turn of the question will be a considerable disappointment to Mr. Buchanan if we can rely upon our Washington advisers, which represent him as anxious that the Slavery clause should be rejected...”


    “The Lecompton Constitution with Slavery was carried at the election on the 21st by a large majority...The Pro-Slavery vote at Shawnee was 765...and at Lexington about the same. It was reported at Lawrence that a body of Free-State men were gone to Lecompton to seize the Territorial arms.  A letter dated Lawrence 21st, says that Gen. Lane has gone to Fort Scott with the avowed determination to destroy that place, exterminate the Pro-Slavery settlers on the Shawnee Reservation and carry the war into Missouri...”


    Old folds, some voids, expected toning and spotting. Generally, still intact and easily read.


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