• Gun Inventor Quackenbush Receives Update On Sales -- Five Letters

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    HENRY MARCUS QUACKENBUSH (April 27, 1847 – September 8, 1933) was an American inventor and industrialist who founded the H.M. Quackenbush Company in Herkimer, NY.  His company was known for its air riffles and for the invention of the metal, spring-joined nutcracker.

    In 1871, he obtained his first air gun patent for his Eureka air pistol. The company began producing air rifles in 1876, which were considered to be innovative at the time. The company went on to play a key role in the standardization of shot sizes for shotguns and air-guns, and to produce many models of their very popular Quackenbush air rifles.

    Offering five single-page ALSs by a Quackenbush manager to Quackenbush beginning in October 6, 1897 and concluding on August 8, 1898.  Each letter appears on the H.M. Quackenbush stationary.

    The letters deal with business matters, including commissions paid to salesmen, including:

    [October 6, 1897] “N.S. Bristol is here now...He thinks he will bring his commissions up to $1500 this year, says that trade is looking better.  I gave him $25...He received about $200 a month of pick orders this morning...”

    [July 2, 1898] “Yesterday a gentleman came in the office & handed me his card. R.T. Wilcox of Oxford Kansas (Hardware dealer) said he would like to look through the shop. I took him through & he was very much pleased with things & before he left he gave me an order for 25 guns to be shipped Oct. 1st.  I gave him our jobbing list prices...25 cents rebate on each rifle.  I found him rated in Bradstreet at 35 to 50 M dollars first credit...He is on his way to Newport & will stop here on his way back & take one of our #5 guns...”

    [July 12, 1898] “Our orders this am are 20 Rifles & same targets. N.S. Bristol wrote us to send him a check for $50...Enclose herewith the following checks for your signature...”

    “Our orders this am are 52 guns, 5 gross ‘C’ Pick sets, also 1500 Springs for Seneca Falls Mfg Co, same as those we made for them before at 10 each. I will have to order stock for them...”

     [August 2, 1898] “I have written our attorney in the Dearden & Foster matter...also written the AM Export Monitor about the add & sent them New Electro of Safety Rifle same size as on our Envelope & the matter we had in the Mumsey...Our orders this am are 18 guns & 4 or 5 picks...”

    [August, 8, 1898] “Our orders this AM are light. The weather here is hot & sultry. Levi & wife have gone to old Forge for a week...The Standard Furniture Co. Employees are going to have their annual picnic next Saturday...All the mills or most of them are stopping for it...”

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