• Hollywood Autographs, Movie Stills Representing Dozens of Actors, Actresses from the Early to Mid-20th Century

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    This lot consists of nearly 20 photographs with dozens of actors, actresses from vintage Hollywood to the late 20th century.  Four fine autographed items as described below.

    Autographs of three superb actresses: Angela Lansbury, Patricia Neal, Betty White. Ms. White has included a note to a well-wisher "Thanks for your kind words." The White image is a print. In very good to excellent condition.

    ESTELLE PARSONS (Born 1927). American character actor who won an Academy Award for her role in the 1967 movie "Bonnie and Cylde."8" x 10" black and white of Parsons smoking a corncob pipe, signed and inscribed in black ink, "To Richard McEnna. Thoughts & Happiness. Estelle Parsons." This is a publicity photograph from the PBS Series of Great Performances with a press release on the verso describing the image of Parsons: "Actress Estelle Parsons puffs on a clay pipe during her portrayal of an Irish widow, Kate O'Connell..." Two-inch abrasion at the very bottom, which could be easily matted out. Else wonderful image of a great character actor.

    Sixteen unsigned studio Hollywood Stills with many of the old time favorite actors from such classics as "Grapes of Wrath," "Take him back to solitary," "Men of Boys Town," "Glamour Boy," "Keeper of the Flame," "Watch for this Boy," "Captain Eddie." The photographs, mostly 8" x 10", feature Mickey Rooney, Darryl Hickman, Lynn Barri, Charles Bickford, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Nolan, James Gleason, Spencer Tracy, Kathryn Hepburn, Jackie Cooper, Susanna Foster and many others. Some expected wear but generally in very good with studio added information on the verso of some. Nice grouping of early Hollywood history.

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