• Jewish Merchant Trade Card Acknowledges Women's Place In 1888 Presidential Election -- Before Women Could Vote

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    [Judaica] 3 1/4 x 5 1/4 rare trade card advertises the 1888 Presidential Election and Arthur Kohn’s Leading House for Men’s, Boys’ & Children’s Clothing, Portland, Oregon. The card contains the images of three candidates for the U.S. Presidency and their running mates – Benjamin Harrison and Levi Morton of the Republican Party and Grover Cleveland and Allen Thurman of the Democratic Party,  and the National Equal Rights Party nominee Belva Lockwood and her running mate diplomat and artist Charles Stuart Welles.  Lockwood’s initial running mate Alfred H. Love withdrew from the ticket before the election. The vignette is set in a men’s clothing store.  Winning candidate Harrison is clearly in the forefront, and Lockwood and Welles are in the background. Advertising text states “Our Politics May Differ But We Certainly Agree That Arthur Kohn is the Leading House for Men’s, Boy’s & Childrens’ Clothing.”


    The image's acknowledgement of Lockwood as a Presidential candidate (compared to her being depicted in a subservient role) is a major step in the reluctant, and still-evolving acceptance of women in non-traditional roles. Lockwood was not able to vote as women weren’t granted that right until 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified by Congress.


    Lockwood (October 24, 1830-May 19, 1917) was an attorney, educator and author, active in working for women’s rights, including women’s suffrage. After college she became a teacher and principal. She graduated from law school in Washington, DC, and became one of the first female lawyers in the United States. In 1879, she petitioned Congress to be allowed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the first allowed to practice before the Supreme Court.  While Victoria Woodhull is commonly cited as the first woman to run for president, she wasn’t old enough to run, unlike Lockwood.


    The card is in excellent condition with light toning on the verso.


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