• Jonathan Trumbull, Aide to Washington, Concerned about Another War; Vessel in Boston

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    JONATHAN TRUMBULL, JR. was paymaster general in the Continental Army’s Northern Department and later given the rank of lieutenant general.  He also served as aide-de-camp to General George Washington.  Trumbull was the second Speaker of the House of Representatives.  He also served in the United States Senate and resigned to become Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut. When the Governor died in 1797, Trumbull became Governor and was re-elected to eleven consecutive terms until his death in Lebanon, Connecticut.


    Offering a wonderful ALS, 2 pp, 8 ¼ x 13, Newburgh, March 18, 1783, written when Trumbull was Secretary and first aide to George Washington, with the most significant portion being in the last two paragraphs. Responding to a letter he received, Trumbull writes, in part, “Sir…The time of my Brother’s receiving the 21,000 dollars was fully ascertained in my last to you as I am able to so it – it must depend only on probably circumstances, which are mentioned in that letter. I wish I was proposed of money, either of my own, or belonging to the state, to…Amelia, I would do it - …I am poor, and the ability of the state for present need is equally unavailing – the interest of the bills received, has been applied…the particulars I can show you here or (crossed out) your return to Connecticut – I am lately from Connecticut that I know not how to obtain Leave of absence again – if Seymour would receive payments as you mention…I should be exceedingly glad to have that debt settled – but I fear Col. Wadsworth was mistaken – Suppose I shall have opportunity to see you alone on your return to Connecticut. I wish Capt. Barney’s account was more explicit respecting a general peace.  I fear much lest we shall be obliged to have another campaign.  A vessel is arrived at Boston which left Amsterdam about 25th Jany.  We have nothing particular from her but that the negotiations were going on when she left…J Trumbull Jr.”


    Toning, some staining and fold repairs.


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