• MA Gov. Strong Receives Charges Against 2nd MA Maj. Whiting: Abusive Language, Injuring Brigade

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    Outstanding, 2 pp, 7" x 13" ALS, Simon Elliot Major General of 1 Division, circa 1800, accusing Brigade Inspector and Major Timothy Whiting, 2d MA Militia Brigade, of gross misconduct, overstating expenses and exciting the indignation of Brigade Officers who have threatened to resign. Elliot requested that Massachusetts Governor Caleb Strong appoint a court martial to decide the charges.

    "...Eliakim Adams Brigadier General of the second Brigade of the Division aforesaid, begs leave respectfully to represent, that Timothy Whiting Brigade Inspector and Brigade Major of the second Brigade, has in sundry instances been guilty of dishonorable & unmilitary conduct...

    "...First The said Brigade Major having about the time of his appointment, entered into certain verbal engagements & made certain promises upon his word and honor relating to his conduct in office for the peace, harmony and good order of the 2d Brigade to the 2d Brigade General having reminded the 2d Brigade General. And the 2d Brigade General having reminded the 2d Brigade Major of his promises aforesaid & claimed the performance of the same did thereupon at Medfield in the public highway grossly insult the 2d Brigadier General with indignant & abusive language & gestures highly unbecoming their respective stations.

    "Second And also the 2d Brigade Major has presented to the 2d Brigade General for his approbation & allowance for certain services in the hire of his official duty which contain excessive and unreasonable charges & greatly overrates the travel for which he is entitled to compensation

    "Third And further the 2d Brigade Major has at sundry times held conversation with sundry officers within the Brigade aforesaid in which he has maliciously and disrespectfully misrepresented the character and conduct of the 2d Brigadier General with the intention of disaffecting the minds of the 2d officers to the 2d Brigade General and with a view to breach a division among the officers & the great injury of the discipline and good harmony of the 2d Brigade. "Fourth And the 2d Brigade General further represents that the 2d Brigade Major by means of his unmilitary conduct aforesaid has excited the indignation of many of the officers in 2d Brigade to such a degree that they have offered their resignation in resentment of his conduct and will no longer serve in the Brigade which the said Brigade Major retains his present rank and office by which means the said Brigade is in great danger of being totally disorganized-----

    "To his Excellency Caleb Strong Governor and Commander in Chief of the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

     "The major General of the first Division most respectfully lays before his Excellency the Commander in Chief the complaint of Brigadier General Adams against Brigadier Major Whiting and requests that his Excellency would be pleased to appoint a General Court Marshal..."Expected toning and foxing, edge splits reinforced with archival tape. Great piece of Americana with bold signatures of Eliakim Adams and Simon Elliot.

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