• Minneapolis Attorney Gale Wrongly Predicts Grover Cleveland Victory

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    EDWARD CHENEY GALE was born in Minneapolis, August 21, 1862, the son of Samuel Chester and Susan Gale. He was educated at the University of Minnesota, Yale University and Harvard Law School. He married Susan Belle Pillsbury, a daughter of Gov. John S. Pillsbury.  Their son, Richard, was Minnesota’s third district Congressman. Edward Gale was a member of the law firm of Snyder, Gale and Richards and was active in many civic organizations. He died in Minneapolis on September 12, 1943.  His family papers are stored at Minnesota Historical Society.


    3 /2 pp, 5 x 8, Minneapolis, August 14, 1888, attorney Edward C. Gale, ALS, referencing his trip to Yellowstone, his concern about Democrats winning the Presidential election. In fact, Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland lost to Benjamin Harrison so Gale’s concerns were well founded. “The Prohibitionists are enthusiastic.”


    In part, “...I must rise up early in the morning with the rosy fingered dawn etc., to array myself for the Yellowstone.  Am off tomorrow to meet a party from Great Falls, Montana, with their own team & outfit. I join them at Livingston for a two weeks’ junketing trip in the Park.  Wish I could meet you there somewhere Ed and drink from a geyser as from Dulike’s Spigot...


    “The Free Trade Club is rather quiescent just at present. The Emotions and the Enthusiasms have entered into our logic – and the consequence is we are all Democrats now. I have thought I should end a Democrat – no longer ago than four short years. I don’t think the Democrats are quite up to the opportunity as yet, offered them in this state. In my opinion, they have not only a fighting show, but a fair show of carrying the State for Grover [Cleveland]. But they have got to work for it – and so far the Republican league seems to be doing most work & getting the most ‘licks’. This will never do – tariff reform Education is a slow process and takes time. The Prohibitionists are enthusiastic – Heaven bless them! E.M. Wilson will probably down Ames in the Convention for Governor - & that I think will help things...E.C.G.”


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