• NASA Photographic Archive Includes Images Of Moonwalker, Apollo, Skylab, Orbiter, Columbia Missions

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    Offering an assemblage of more than 70 photographs, 8 x 10, many NASA identified with descriptions of astronauts, moon landings, space shuttles. Photographs include a number of group shots for individual missions, such as the Apollo Crew, the Apollo lift off, Apollo of 13, second, third and eleventh manned Skylab Mission, Apollo Soyuz Test Project, Orbiter, Columbia (creases to each of the final two). A few duplicates and a few with facsimile signatures.   The grouping also includes photographs of Gemini VII several moonwalkers – Buzz Aldrin, Jim Irwin, Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, Charles Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, – as well as a group shot of the first six women astronauts, a photograph of Nixon greeting the Apollo 11 Crew on Board the Carrier Hornet.  Also included are three copies of NASA Facts as early as 1969 and a poster regarding Saturn V and a list of the 1978 (2) and 1980 (2) of astronaut candidates along with their photos on single sheets.  Other astronauts photographed are Walter Schirra, Edward Gibson, Don L. Lind, Jack R. Lousma, William Anders, John Young, Donald Slayton, Vance Brand, Thomas Stafford, John Glenn.


    Photographs are in good to excellent condition. Several have creases.


    The grouping represents a fine collection of the nation’s space history.


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