• NJ Statesman Tries To Convince Civil War Captain To Run In 1864 -- Lincoln's Final Election -- Copperheads And Cowardly Traitors To Vote

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    David C. Rulon of Allentown, Monmouth Co., NJ, writes to the distinguished Captain J.F. Rushing of the New Jersey 5th Infantry, 2 pp, 8 x 12, August 29, 1864, seeking to influence him to run in the upcoming election, challenging the Copperhead candidate, noting in part, “It will be a proud day for me when I can go to the ballot box under the banner of Lincoln Johnson Rushing.”  At the time, Rushing was assistant chief quartermaster at Nashville, TN.  The 1864 election would be Lincoln’s final. 

    Rulon writes, “You may think that you are so far away from us that our thoughts cannot reach so far from home as to find you away down among the ‘Rebs & Contrabands’ of Tennessee but you must guess again, for we not only think of you but we talk of setting you up on the Congressional Alley for ‘Copperheads’ and cowardly traitors to vote as...will you stand?


    “The waters are troubled and there seems to be many ready to step in but in their own strength without sufficient help (delegates to the C. Convention) they will hardly get in. Now if Mercer Co. has the right or can get the nomination for I hold it to be right this fall to take a firm staunch Union man from my country – who can defeat the Copperhead candidate, you are the right man and when elected will be in the right place, if I am not mistaken in you. When talking some 2 months ago with ex-Sec. Newell on the subject, he expressed himself as being very favorable to you while (to use his own words) he had stated the name of Dr. Dayton for the position. Now Dr. Dayton is not much known in the district nor is he a talking man and I suppose he is put forward upon the supposition that Monmouth Co will claim the nomination.


    “Jos. C. Potts is strongly backed as an anti-monopoly candidate. Now you know better than I that he is extremely vulnerable and the sharpshooters are now no doubt getting the range of him.


    “Then we have J.R. Freese pitted against Potts so we go. There are rumors of others also strongly desiring the nomination.


    “Now the question is, will not these men block justice, each other entirely out of character before the convention is called and both get the go by...


    “I was speaking to Mr. B. Gill on the subject of your nomination and he was very favourable to it if it could be not...as though the people think that Dr. Newell must know all about these matters and where is throws his weight in certain victory now if the Ex Sen has got a man too heavy for him to carry he may break down altogether, then Hurrah for Rushing.


    “...It will be a proud day for me when I can go to the ballot box under the banner of Lincoln Johnson Rushing.


    “I do not wish to flatter you but I do say that we want men to represent us in Congress, young men like yourself, whose political education has been acquired amidst such scenes as have been exacted during the past 3 or 4 years so that they may show their true color. Either warm sympathy with the south and southern institutions or uncompromisingly opposed to all that breeds rebels or rebellion.


    “All we ask is a fair square stand up fight with our principles fairly understood and victory is ours. I called this afternoon upon your father they were all well. Recruiting is quite brisk in Trenton $600.00 being freely offered for one year recruits. There would be no difficulty in getting men but for the baneful influences of the Peace Party. Thank G – they are in a tight place for once they know not what to do, what with the developments in Indiana and the successes of our armies, their case is lamentable.


    “Please answer this briefly with any little hints which you think may be of service to the cause...


    “David C. Rulon”


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    Rusling had a distinguished career with the U.S. Army during the Civil War, being promoted from 1st Lieutenant, Captain, Lt. Colonel, Major and Brigadier General. He was born on April 14, 1834 in Washington, NJ, and died on April 1, 1918, in Trenton, NJ.


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