• Notable American Lawyer, Writer William Allen Butler Offers Legal Opinion For Ship Owners On Collecting Cargo Fees

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    WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER (1825-1902) was an American lawyer and writer of poetical satires. After being admitted to the Bar, Butler practiced law and eventually headed the firm of Butler, Stillman & Hubbard. He served as the president of the American Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. He contributed his writings to The Literary World, the Art Union Bulletin, the Democratic Review and Harper’s Weekly.


    Offering a fine ALS, 5 x 8, 3 pp, December 13, 1865, on a printed item from the Office Of The Ship Owners’ Association Of New York, dealing with the collection of freights from vessels.  Butler offers his legal opinion, “I am of the opinion that the word ‘securing’ in the above resolution must be construed to mean securing by something in lieu of immediate payment and beyond the mere credit or responsibility of the parties to whom goods are delivered. It is everyday practice for merchants to require debts to be paid or secured and by such security is always meant provision for payment by some obligation or collateral liability. I think the fair meaning is that the goods should not be delivered unless the freight is actually paid of its payment placed beyond any contingency of mere personal credit or responsibility.


    “Wm Allen Butler”


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