• Ohio 94th Speaks Of Northern Butternuts, Wants To Elect Old Abe

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    DAVID L. CORBIN enlisted as a private on August 7, 1862, and was mustered into B Co. Ohio 94th Infantry. He was mustered out on May 24, 1865, at Camp Dennison, Ohio.  A few months after his enlistment, Corbin was taken prisoner at Nolensville, TN (December 30, 1862). David would later become a physician.


    3 ½ pp, 5 x 8, Graysville, GA, March 28, 1864, Corbin writes to his brother. “The above-named place is about one-fourth as large and twice as respectable as the obscure and despicable village of Clayton. It is situated in a gorge, forming a gap between two continuous ranges of hills – slightly resembling Mission Ridge. The morning of the 22nd revealed to the astonished soldiers a snow about ten inches deep, which depth was increased to one foot before snowing ceased...


    “But the snow is all gone now, and today the weather is pleasant with some indications of rain...


    “The boys all wish that the war was over but they must have it ended to suit them or otherwise they are willing to ‘fight to the bitter end.’  In this respect, the prevailing opinion is that another campaign will end it in a manner honorable to the nation and humiliating to the traitors.


    “We want to elect old Abe, again, and then all be right...The whistle of the locomotive appears to persistently follow in the wake of the Federal Army. May its reverberating sound announcing the arrival of a fresh supply of hard crackers and pickled pork continue its echo until the last persistent rebel is driven into the Gulf of Mexico, there to perish for his deed of infamy.  There are no indications of fighting here at present, but I think the Yankees will soon assume the offensive and then, as has been foretold, the Rebs will be driven back to their last ditch.


    “The howl of Northern Butternuts is still occasionally heard in their remote part of the land and it falls upon the soldiers like the triumphant shouts of an enemy; but it only redoubles their determination to conquer...D.L. Corbin, Co. B, 94th O.V.C.”

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