• President Grant Greeted With Great Fanfare On Town Visit, Just Prior To Second Inauguration

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    Very nicely detailed letter about President Ulysses S. Grant’s visit, 8 pp, 5 x 7 3/4, ALS, February 12, 1873, signed Emily and written to her mother Mrs. Eliza W. Kendall of Chester County, PA, just ahead of his second inauguration on March 4, 1873.


    In part, “I have been endeavoring to write you ever since the great day our President’s visit to us, but our little baby is and has been quite ill. She called in Dr. Qwinby this morning after hesitating about it for two or three days...Caspar went and consulted with him on Monday or Tuesday and got some medicine for her...She has whooping cough, one side of her neck is very much swollen...She is also teething. She is a great little sufferer indeed...Her cough is very violent and we have been considerably disturbed...


    “Mrs. Jackson and her cousin came here early...and invited our children to attend the reception of President Grant at their house on the same afternoon. They gave a dinner at five o’clock. I dressed Elsie all in white and sent her along with our children. I also wrote a note to Mrs. Jackson apologizing for sending the little stranger...I knew she would be welcome...The President had Flourie upon his lap, about a dozen times and gave her as many kisses.  Flourie said he kissed them all, but he kept pulling her on his lap...and kissing her. I presume the peevish way Flourie told us about it that she did not so fully appreciate it as I guess it rather disturbed her from play.  He (Grant) went through the Factory shortly after dinner.  Our children and Lillie Pusey being all dressed in white...(Elsie included) went over to Factory and sat in their handsomest Pony Phaeton each with a flag and when President Grant passed by them waived it in honor.  He stopped and took off his hat to these tiny ones. We all of us were over there. The factory looked its prettiest – trimmed with flags...Also a fine display of fancy carriages. There were great crowds assembled there. I shook hands with him. All of us.  Jackson’s house was trimmed inside with evergreens and elegant bouquets. There was a magnificent bouquet in every room in the house. They were all collected and presented to his ‘Honor,’ whereupon he presented them to Mrs. Jackson. There was about eighty guests – Legislature and all. They held a public banquet at Institute Hall. Caspar was there among the invited. I [will] send you his invitation. Please keep it for me. I want to preserve it...


    “Emily and Flourie were both invited and attended a large party given at Joseph Grubb’s on Saturday evening last – to feast upon the relics of the President. Mr. Grubb gave him a reception. The table was very fine indeed...The table presented almost as fine an appearance for the President’s reception...I send you Caspar’s invitation to the banquet...and two or three newspapers about the President’s visit to our city...”


    Letter is very readable with normal folds. Cover is in poor condition.  A wonderful descriptive letter about a Grant visit just ahead of his second inaugural.


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