• President James Madison's Secretary Of War Armstrong Appoints John E. Calhoun Captain Of Third Rifle Regiment

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    JOHN ARMSTRONG (November 25, 1758 – April 1, 1843) was an American soldier, a delegate to the Continental Congress, U.S. Senator from New York and Secretary of War under President James Madison.  During the Revolutionary War, Armstrong became an aide to General Horatio Gates. He stayed with Gates through the Battle of Saratoga, then resigned due to health problems. Gates asked him to return in 1782 and Armstrong did so with the rank of major.  Armstrong was involved in the Newburgh Conspiracy. He wrote two anonymous letters directed at officers in the camp and called for a meeting to discuss back pay and other grievances with the Congress. George Washington intervened by ordering the meeting canceled. Washington defused the protest without a mutiny.  In 1813, President James Madison named him Secretary of War.


    Offering a one-page 7 ¾ x 9 ¾ War Department appointment, dated March 18, 1814, appointing John E. Calhoun as Captain of the 3rd Rifle Regiment and a one-page ALS written and signed by Lt. Col. Hamilton of the 3rd Rifle Regiment instructing Calhoun to immediately take his post at Pendleton Court House in South Carolina Verso includes an integral address leaf to Calhoun, with a fine FREE Frank Stamp.


    The 3rd Rifle Regiment was a unit of the U.S. Army in the early nineteenth century, first activated in 1814 during the War of 1812 when the War Department created three additional rifle regiments based on the success of the Regiment of Riflemen.


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