• Roosevelt's Secretary Of War Comments On Historian's View Of Yalta

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    HENRY L. STIMSON (1867-1950) was Secretary of War during World War II (1940-45) and an advocate for atomic weapons. One-page, 6 ½ x 10, TLS, December 30, 1948, on his personal stationary from Highhold, where he built a home that had no running water and no telephone.


    Stimson writes to Dr. Rudolph Winnacker, a friend and teacher at the National War College, in Washington, DC.  Winnacker was editing Stimson’s speeches for publication at the time.


    “I am very grateful to you for your letter of December 22nd and for your copy of the article which you wrote for the Virginia Quarterly on Yalta.


    “I have read it carefully and with the deepest interest. At this time when so much loose talk is going around about what might have been done or might not have been done during the war, it is a pleasure to read such a clear authoritative argument as yours, and I am very glad to have it. I almost wish that Bullitt would get you mad more frequently...”


    “Henry L. Stimson”


    The Yalta Conference February 4 – 11, 1945, was the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union to discuss postwar reorganization of Germany and Europe. The three countries were represented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and General Secretary Joseph Stalin.


    BULLITT was WILLIAM C. BULLITT, then U.S. Ambassador to France. Bullitt raised concerns about the United State’s readiness for war. Roosevelt had received a report from Bullitt, which caused concern and compelled him to recheck the country’s defense readiness. [Research included]


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