• San Luis Obispo, CA, Sea Captain Mallagh Provides Appraisal, Refuses Rebel Request

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    CAPTAIN DAVID P. MALLAGH (1825-1880) was born in Ireland and died while working as a prison guard at San Quentin Prison.  He was captain of a schooner named Honolulu that ran trade routes between San Pedro and San Francisco, CA. Mallagh was considered an early pioneer of San Luis Obispo. In 1860, he built a small wharf on Rancho San Miquelito, which is now called Mallagh’s Landing.

    1 ½ pp, approximately 8 x 10, ALS, Mallagh to Messrs. Flint Bisby & Co, San Luis Obispo, August 13th, 1863, mostly regarding an appraisal and refusing a request from the rebels. 

    “I am again obliged to call upon you for a favor. It is the loan of one hundred and fifty dollars which I owe to a man in Watsonville named B.B. Hadeu. If you could oblige me by sending the above amount...you would confer a great favor. I shall be able either to pay you in transportation of wood or in money before your taxes become due. I attended the board of Equalization last Monday at the request of John Remick. Your sheep are valued at one dollar per head. Blackburns at two dollars...All your taxable property will not amount to Thirteen thousand dollars...So you can calculate what your taxes are to be. I have not been on the ranch for three weeks. John tells me that he has commenced fencing. I think he told me he was to commence shearing tomorrow...Politics are waxing warm here. I hope to keep out of election broils this year. By attending closely to my own business, the rebels would like me to be supervisor in this district. But I will not accept of anything from them. We are going to have an immense crop of corn this fall...David P. Mallagh...An Express receipt will be sufficient D.P.M.”

    California supplied at least four cavalry units and nine infantry units to the Union Army. Though these units stayed in the west, many California men went east and joined the Union Army there. California also sent gold east, replaced regular army forces stationed in the western territories, plus kept Southern California and the New Mexico Territory from the Confederacy. The U.S. War Department credited California with supplying 15,725 men in the Union Army.

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