• Signed, First Edition: President Carter's "An Hour Before Midnight"

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    President Jimmy Carter’s An Hour Before Daylight First Edition, Signed – His Depression-Era Life


    JAMES EARL “JIMMY” CARTER (born October 1, 1924) was the 39th President of the United States (1977-1981) and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Carter Center. Carter remains one of the most under rated presidents of our time.


    As president, he established two new cabinet level departments, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.  He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price control and new technology. In foreign affairs, Carter pursued the Camp David Accords, the Panama Canal Treaties, the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (Salt II) and the return of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama. He was faced with high inflation, high unemployment, the Iran hostage crisis and the 1979 energy crisis, the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. His popularity eroded so much that he was challenged by Sen. Ted Kennedy for the Democratic Party’s primaries.  He won the 1980 primary with only 51.3% of the vote but lost the general election to Republican Ronald Reagan, who won 44 of 50 states.  Some historians consider his post-presidency work to have surpassed that of his presidency.


    Offering Carter’s An Hour Before Daylight, 284, pp, signed J Carter on bookplate attached to free page, Simon & Schuster, New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, 2001.  In this book, Carter tells of his depression-era Georgian boyhood, before the Civil Rights Movement.  Carter is a wonderful writer.


    Very slight wear to cover. Pages are very clean.


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