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    Interesting set of late 18th century Bedford County, PA, indictments for assault and battery, stealing a hog and failing to repair a highway.

    7 ¾” x 13” 1796 Bedford County, Bedford Township [PA] Grand Jury indictment of “Samuel Davidson and Isaac Bonnett, the supervisors of Bedford Township for neglect of duty in not repairing the highways in the said township lying between Bedford and Byan on the old state Road and between Bedford and Casper Statler’s on the…road and from Bedford to the Narrow at Dunning’s Creek.” Interesting that two of the property owners mentioned were grand jurors agreeing to the indictment.

    The document is signed by James McKinney, Foreman, Derry Bryan, Joshua Wright, Duncan McKickea, Casper Statler, jurors. Interesting that two property owners mentioned in the indictment were also grand jurors who indicted the two. McKinney is possibly Captain James McKinney of First Battalion of Bedford County during the Revolutionary War. Samuel Davidson, one of the two people indicted, could be the Samuel Davidson listed in the History of Cambria County, PA, as one of the delegates chosen to express discontent with King George III after the Boston colonists threw tea overboard in what became known as the Boston Tea Party.

    Toning. Folds. One fold split reinforced with archival tape. One small hole resulting from ink erosion.

    One page, November 5th, 1796, subpoena for James Higgins and Daniel Weamer to answer a bill of indictment for assault and battery against Michael Murphy.

    One page, December 1797, indictment of Abraham Buzzard, James Smith and John Paseton for stealing a hog “the property of Michael Barndoler…” Folds reinforced with archival tape.

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