• [Suffrage] First Woman To Run For President Writes Humbly Of Privileges In Autograph Quote Signed

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    Extraordinarily humble and insightful, Belva Ann Lockwood produced a beautiful Autograph Quote Signed, 1 1/2 x 8,  “Appreciate and Enjoy all of the privileges that you have to-day without waiting for to-morrow. Belva A. Lockwood” 

    LOCKWOOD (October 24, 1830-May 19, 1917) was an American attorney, politician, educator and author. She was active in working for women’s rights, including women’s suffrage.  Lockwood was a candidate for president before women could vote.  Lockwood overcame many social and personal obstacles related to gender restrictions. After college, she became a teacher and principal, working to equalize pay for women in education. She supported the movement for world peace and was a proponent of the Temperance movement. [Research included]

    Lockwood graduated from law school in Washington, DC, and became one of the first female lawyers in the United States. In 1879, she successfully petitioned Congress to be allowed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, becoming the first woman attorney given this privilege. She ran for president in 1884 and 1888 on the ticket of the National Equal Rights Party and was the first woman to appear on official ballots.  While Virginia Woodhull is commonly cited as the first woman to run for president, she was not old enough to run, unlike Lockwood.

    This AQS was initially sold by renowned autograph dealer Walter R. Benjamin in 1950 to the archivist of the (Quaker) American Friends Service Committee in Philadelphia. 

    The item is in excellent condition, boldly written and signed by Lockwood.

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