• Superb Original Photograph Of Orville Wright Setting A Soaring Record

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    Rare and unique original early aviation photograph, 4 1/8 x 6 1/2, mounted to an overall size of 6 1/8 x 9, taken on October 24, 1911, completing the “Wright Soaring Feat,” in which ORVILLE WRIGHT broke a world record that had stood for close to eleven years. The photograph’s mounting renders it a perfect display item.


    Wright found the right wind and took over in a 40 mile per hour upslope wind gusting up the sides of Kill Devil Hills, NC. He quickly rose to an altitude of 50 feet and remained there for 5 1/2 minutes. He then flew again, gliding for 7 1/4 minutes, and again soaring for 9 3/4 minutes, seeming to hang motionless over the same patch of sand. These were the first recorded soaring flights, the last one setting a record that would stand for a decade. Following the record-setting feat, Wright sent a triumphant message to brother Wilbur saying, “All our theories are proved.”


    The 1911 attempts, depicted in this original photograph, were different from the more famous 1903 ones in that they were with a non-powered glider. Since the Wrights had already shown that a powdered flight was possible, the tests were more focused on safety and were designed to try out new equipment; the new equipment ultimately had to stay under wraps because newspaper reporters came out to watch the experiment every day they were conducted.


    Between October 16 and 26, Wright made nearly 100 glides. Most of them were made into winds 35 miles per hour or faster. The record-breaking, nearly 10-minute glide was into 50-mile-per-hour winds and did not reach the 120-foot distance that the powered flight had made earlier. The record would stand internationally until 1921.


    Some notes on verso. Light wear and foxing. Else very good and a remarkable example of early aviation history.


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