• Trust Legislation, NY City Mayor Hewitt; Marrying Sister of Deceased Wife Examined for Legality -- 2 Piece Lot

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    Offering two unrelated items, one belonging to New York City notable Abram Stevens Hewitt involving Federal Trust Legislation and the other providing detailed examination on the legality of marrying the sister of a deceased wife from The New England Puritan. Research included on Hewitt.

    ABRAM STEVENS HEWITT (July 31, 1822 - January 18, 1903) was a teacher, lawyer, an iron manufacturer, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, U.S. Congressman and Mayor of New York City. Hewitt was the son-in-law of the famous industrialist and inventor, Peter Cooper. He aided Cooper in the founding and planning the financing and construction of the New York subway system. Offering his paperback copy of "Federal Trust Legislation" by Carman F. Randolph, published by Ginn & Company, The Athenaeum Press (1897) in Boston. Inscribed to Hewitt from Randolph on the cover. Cover has several pieces missing and has been re-attached with archival tape. Pages are intact.

    Approximately 10" x 7", 32 pages, copy of The New England Puritan EXTRA, entitled "The Marriage Question or the The Lawfulness of Marring The Sister of a Deceased Wife Considered," self-contained, but disbound from a larger volume of early pamphlets, irregularly cut pages resulting in irregular right margins. Reinforced with archival tape.


    Published by Samuel N. Dickinson, Boston, c. 1840. Biblical examination of the subject, contained in seven chapters, including "Does the Levitical Law, supposed to prohibit the marriages in question, pertain to us;" "Objections to the preceding answered;" "Import of the term 'uncover nakedness;' "Implied permission of such marriages." In small part "...We propose to present, with such brevity and clearness as we are able, the reasons which have convinced us, that such marriages are prohibited by no law of God...Even the law licensing divorce might have been...regarded as a permanent law, if Christ had not set it aside...Here was a general license of divorce, in certain cases, connected with the law of marriage..."

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