• Two-Piece Lot: Confederate Lt. Bales Writes Highly Unusual IOU To Daniel Hileman For Pasturing Horses; Family Letter

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    Offering a single page, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, uncommon Confederate IOU from Lt. E.B. Bales of the 27th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, with the title “The Confederate States” to Daniel Hileman for the use of his land to pasture 56 horses for three fourths of a day, valued at thirteen cents a horse, for a total of $4.70. Bales notes, “I have not paid the account for lack of funds.” Signed and written by Bales.

    Second item includes a one-page, 6 1/2 x 8, letter from Annie Hileman to her brother Philip. Rockbridge County, VA, Feb. 9th, 1865.  Content is centered around family news, including deaths, marriages and inheritances. In very small part, “...Cousin George Hassier is dead...Reed Burchett is dead. Left his fortune to Fannie McCauley...God bless and protect you...”

    The 27th Battalion Virginia Partisan Rangers was a cavalry regiment raised in Virginia in the CSA. It fought mostly in East Tennessee and Western Virginia.  The unit served in General Hodge’s and W.E. Jones’ Brigade.

    Light foxing and soiling to both. Letter is a little light but readable.

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