• University of New Hampshire Students Plan Anti-World War II Strike

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    STEARNS MORSE (1893-1976) was a professor of English at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, serving as a member of the faculty for 37 years. He was also a candidate for the U.S. Senate who ran on the Farm-Labor Party ticket in 1937.

    The American League Against War and Fascism, attempted to attract a broad following and included members of the Roosevelt administration. By 1937, its Communist Party members boasted that 30 percent of the entire organized labor movement was represented in the league.  African Americans were also well represented in both leadership and rank-and-file delegates.

    Student strike committees emerged on many college campuses, including at the University of New Hampshire.

    Offering a World War II period broadside encouraging the students of the University to join a strike on April 12 [n.y.] c. 1933. “Cut Eleven o’clock Classes Friday, April 12, Go to the Men’s Gym, To Hear, Prof. Stearns Morse of Dartmouth College, Chairman, Hanover Branch, Am. League against War and Fascism.

    “Why We Must Strike 1) We are on the verge of WAR, 2) We will be called to lead it, 3) We can’t afford to delay, 4) We must voice our opinion, NOW, 5) We must build a world wide movement AGAINST WAR Signed: Strike Committee, Student Council”

    Toning, some staining at the bottom. A wonderful piece of World War II history and early student anti-war protests. A couple of small tears reinforced with archival tape.

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