• U.S. Diplomat Charles Adams, Kept Britain From Civil War, Discusses Interest In Book Collecting

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    CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS (1808-1886) was a U.S. diplomat remembered for his successful efforts to maintain Great Britain’s neutrality during the Civil War and for promoting the arbitration of “Alabama” claims.


    1 ½ pp, ALS, 5 x 8, written on both sides of a folded sheet, Boston, March 4, 1876, to Edward Denham of New Bedford, MA.  Penned in Adams’ fine flowing hand.


    “You have very naturally mixed the name of two persons, father and son, in your letter of the 26th ult. I am the editor of the memoir of my father – but my son, bearing the same name, prepared the catalogue of the Quincy Library to which you refer.


    “I have read the pamphlet with much interest. It contains many valuable suggestions of proper courses of reading for the young who have little opportunity to discriminate between what is valuable in history and what is not. It is credible to you that you should have thought so much about it, and still more that you should wish to help your brethren in turning their minds in the same way.


    “I have some doubt of the expediency of attempting the collection of many books. My own experience would rather confine it to a few dictionaries of different kinds, biographical, scientific and classical, as well as of language – They do not take much room, and all other books which may be obtained from public libraries are easily comprehended through them. I am sorry to say that my own collections are much too large for my convenience. If I were to go over life again I should confine myself to very few.


    “Very truly yours


    “C.F. Adams”


    Folds.  Excellent.


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