• [U.S. Patent] Notable Chemist, MD Daniel Breed Writes Publisher in 1854

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    DANIEL BREED was a mid-19th century chemist and a medical docor for the U.S. Patent Office who translated the book Outlines of Chemical Analysis from German to English. He writes to his publisher, James Munroe & Co., about including a list of reputable dealers of chemical apparatus and he requests a copy of the manuscript for proof reading.


    Washington, DC, October 14, 1854, 2 ½ pp, 7 ¾ x 9 ¾, “Enclosed I send a heading for the page commencing the Fourth Part or the Quantitative Analysis. The printer will readily locate it (near the 162 page of manuscript according to my rough estimate).


    “I also send a small list of dealers in apparatus & reagents especially designed for practical chemistry. Both Dr. Steiner & myself are of the opinion that the long list given by Morfit is very objectionable as a large number of those dealers are mere druggists or dealers in articles not used in laboratories for Analysis.  Such a list might confuse or mislead students for whom our book is designed…The Patent Office…received the articles & paid the bills through Goheler of New York…


    “We wish this list of dealers not to appear as part of our book (like the list of Morfit) but to take the place of an advertisement, among your advertised books, at the end of our volume.  Our object being to serve students who may buy our book…If in your business experience you desire any special modification of the list or our purposed views, we beg you to write us on this subject…


    “Please send the manuscript with the proof of tables…It is very important that all the tables should be exact to a letter…


    “Very truly yours


    “Daniel Breed”


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