• Utah Gold, Silver Mine Produces Massive Value; Owner Invents Many Mining Improvements

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    S.W. CRAGG developed many processes for extracting ore. In 1889, with J.B.A. Simonnet, he developed improvements for filtering and extracting gold and silver from ore.  He improved the processes with further developments in 1891 and 1892.  


    HELY BOWES was the Paris correspondent of the London Standard. He died in 1898. Cragg named his mine for Bowes.


    On January 1, 1891, Cragg writes a wonderful gold mining letter from Baltimore, 2 pp, 8 x 10, to Bowes describing the success of his gold and silver mine in Utah, producing $1,000 a day and soon to produce $10,000 a day, a huge amount of money in 1891.


    “If you will take a map of the U.S. and look for S.E. ¼ Section of 12 Township 1 North Range 72 West of the 6th Principal Meridian you will find the exact location of the ‘Hely Bowes Mine.’  This celebrated gold mine was discovered July 22, 1890 Surveyed and recorded, Book 116 page 1 – September 10, 1890 and ten acres of the south face of Gold Hill Mountain was thus appropriated and set aside for the Glory and Renown of Hely Bowes forever. You will in due course receive a copy of the location certificate and other details to be obtained from the U.S. Land Office, Washington, DC.  So you see my dear friend I did not forget you while wandering with the Argonauts in the Rocky Mountains. I cannot tell you all my news today. My dear Father died last June. I had the satisfaction of spending four months with him. You will be pleased to learn that my mines are producing more gold and silver per day than I ever dreamed of processing. The output is only limited by the facilities I have for reducing it to bullion. I am erecting a plant which will yield me $1,000 per day net and when my property is fully developed it will yield $10,000 per day. Indeed, I believe I have the best mining scheme in the U.S. if not in the world. Four groups of mines—87 in all on the richest mountain known. My own individual property.  I came here to spend Christmas with my sister en route to Paris but the effect of the McKinley Bill raising the price of lead from Mexico $30 per ton obliged me to order a new process for reducing my ores and I am not very busy ordering the same. Please let me here from you often. I have no correspondent in Paris and it is delightful to be reminded that I have one friend there to welcome me on my return.


    “Sincerely yrs,


    “S.W. Cragg


    “To Hely Bowes, Esq., Paris France


    “P.S. Your two (2) letters rec’d”


    Folds. Letter is in pencil but excellent condition.


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