• Watergate: Rose Mary Woods Provides Tricia Nixon Cox's Defense of Her Father to Jack Dreyfus, Nixon Friend

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    WATERGATE became the catch-all title for all things corrupt in government during Richard Nixon’s administration (1968-1974).  The precipitating act from which all the dirty tricks of the Nixon administration became known was the Watergate break-in when a small team of men were caught inside the Democratic Party’s headquarters during the 1972 presidential campaign. They had been sent there to install bugs and wiretaps. Many abuses of power became known through subsequent investigations. Rose Mary Woods was Nixon’s long time, loyal secretary.  During the Senate investigation, Americans learned of a taping system in the White House, which had recorded many private meetings, including those exposing Nixon’s obstruction of justice.  While Woods was transcribing a portion regarding a significant conversation, she “accidentally” erased 18 minutes.  Nixon resigned rather than face formal impeachment and likely conviction in the U.S. Senate.

    JACK DREYFUS, founder of Dreyfus Funds, was a good friend and financial supporter of Nixon’s.

    TRICIA NIXON COX, one of Nixon’s daughters, vigorously defended her father during Watergate and following his resignation.

    We’re offering a superb three-piece assemblage involving Mrs. Cox and Ms. Woods in their defenses of Nixon, along with a copy of a letter from Dreyfus thanking Woods for a copy of the statement Cox made to Ladies Home Journal.

    TLS, on White House stationary, April 5, 1974, just four months before Nixon’s resignation, Woods wrote to Dreyfus: “Tricia Nixon Cox has written an exceptional article entitled ‘My Father and Watergate’ which is carried in the current issue of Ladies Home Journal. I am enclosing a copy for you (statement included). It is my feeling that you will find Tricia’s statement to be an eloquent expression of how a daughter views her father during this particular time.  I know you will feel, like I do, that it is a moving, meaningful article. Yours Sincerely, Rose Mary, Executive Assistant and Personal Secretary”

    The 3 pp, typed statement, as expected, is a highly defensive argument of her father. In very small part, she writes, “…What is Watergate? Seven men broke into a political headquarters to try to tap its phone. Now whoever envisioned this silly little foray was very stupid. We all know Richard Nixon to be anything but stupid. The people who planned this were dishonest. Richard Nixon is a man who has never lied, not even a white lie, to his family or to the American people. He has told us that he was not part of the Watergate episode, calling it a deplorable act that has no place in our political system. His word is his bond…”  Much, much more.

    The third item is a carbon copy of a letter from Dreyfus, dated April 19, 1974, thanking Woods for sending “Tricia’s article…You know my feelings are with her.”

    Light toning, staple holes to the Woods’ letter and the statement. Some toning and chipping to the Dreyfus letter. 

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