• West Point Graduate William W. Haney Archive, Including History Of His Service In the 8th Infantry

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    WILLIAM W. HANEY was an Infantryman in the 8th Infantry. He had been a Cadet at the United States Military Academy, West Point, from June 16, 1888 to June 11, 1892 when he graduated and was promoted in the army to Second Lieutenant in the 8th Infantry.


    Haney served at Fort Niobrara, Nebraska (1892-1895), was in the field at Lima, Montana. At one point, Haney was acting Signal Officer of his post.


    In November and December of 1890, the garrison responded to the Ghost Dance crises on the Sioux reservation by securing the Rosebud agency. In response to the Ghost Dance crisis and the related Wounded Knee Massacre, the fort was enlarged.


    Haney was injured and retired from the service on Sept. 6, 1895. He died on March 9th, 1897, a young man, 26 years old.


    Offering a four-item assemblage relating to Haney, including his appointment as a cadet of the United States Military Academy, dated June 16th, 1888, and signed by then Secretary of War Wm C. Endicott, two letters written to Haney and a manuscript history of his service.


    --2 pp, 8 ½ x 14, history of service in granular detail, with mention of his disability, absence from the service.


    --Camp Elkins, Wyoming, October 16, 1893, LT. W.W. Haney, 8th Infantry, receives an ALS from A.P. Blickorn, 1 ½ pp, 8 x 10.


    “Your letter of the 14th received together with enclosures, return with signed invoices; please place the one belonging to me with my other papers...I will have the straps made by the troop saddler on the return of A troop to Nebraska. The pieces were I think in the QM office to be used in repair of telegraph line...When I left Nebraska, there were two...cells in the closet connecting the front room with the back bedroom; they are probably the ones you left off the invoices and if so please change the invoices accordingly but if not I believe they are expendable...I presume you found the Signaling books in my front room...There are some letters of instruction, from the Signal Officer among the papers and you had better take them...”


    --Second letter to Haney, 2 pp, 8 x 10 ½, ALS by H.S. Ogilvie, 1st Sgt. Co. B, 8th Infantry, January 26, 1895.


    “Your letter of 22 to hand this A.M. and I attended to it at once. Enclosed please find Form 1 a for your signature, one you keep and the other one goes to the Q.M. General, U.S.A...


    “Winter has set in, in real earnest at last; snow lies on the ground and the therm. Registered 10 below zero this A.M.


    “Drill has been in for 15 minutes each day. The new magazine rifles arrived and I have been busy the last few days taking one all to pieces and put it together again in the same time that it would take to take a Springfield apart...


    “A letter I received from the Sgt. Major at Regt Headquarters states that the 3 Cos...Inf. at Russell would probably move to the East in May – so by that I expect B & G are not likely to move before the summer sets in. The men of the Co. are behaving very well at present, although Crawley, Monahan, Marshall, Columbus & Shaw have been tried 3 & 4 times each for drunkenness and absence. They are behaving better now.


    “Pvts Hilfikey, Burke and Shaw were discharged under 90.80.1890...Saunders & Muller send regards and all the men of the Co. wish you speedy recovery to good health...H.S. Ogilvie, 1st Sgt. Co. B, 8th Inf.”


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