• Whimsical And Folksy Letter Referencing Big Foot And Native American Culture

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    The legend of Bigfoot goes beyond recorded history as tales are told of a seven-foot-tall hairy man stalking the woods, scaring campers and others. The name Bigfoot is generally attributed to the mountainous Western region of North America, where citings were reported in the 1800s.  Some tell of a large creature much like a man imbued with special powers and characteristics.

    Whimsical and folksy letter with references to the legend of Big Foot and the Native American culture. 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 ALS, Feb. 1st, 1891, with references to the legend and Native American culture.  Sent from Chicago to Alfred P. Sawyer, Lowell, MA on his printed envelope. Written on the envelope: “K. & S. Of the Tribe of Western Blizzard.” Sawyer had been secretary and treasurer of the Northern New York Telephone Co. based in Plattsburgh, NY, but resigned in 1887.  Clearly, he and his family continued to use the preprinted stationary.

    Written to Addie & Alfred.  “Weather and other circumstances permitting ‘Western B’ or Big Foot starts on her eastern tour to see pale face, and reach Land of Plenty next week. So wrap your furs about you, and with your blankets hide in your cozy little wigwams, for Big Foot’s tired and hungry and might devour you all.

    “Soon as big Engine land me, will let Blue Eyes know where she can find me, for Big Foot loves little pale face, and will hang the hatchet on the wall and smoke the pipe of peace.

    “Wise Father Confessor Alfred will not lead the tribe of Big Foot into danger. He can hunt a reservation large enough where Western Blizzard can plant her Big feet, where the spirit of pale face will come, where there will be honey and flowers and no toil, or labor, just sunshine without shadow and a river with gold fish, and a garden that grows like the myths big Foot reads of in this land of sunshine, where Pieplant grows in the winter, and flowers in the summer, by just a wave of the hand of great spirit Alfred. But Big Foot not come to worry baby May, but when she has pitched her tent she will send a little messenger of love, then pale face and Great Spirit Alfred will bring wee mite to see her and there will be great rejoicing. This will not come to pass until the first week of the second month of the year 1891.

    “Trust all are well and will hope to see you all.

    “Love to baby May and all pale faces,

    “Your friend,

    “Big Foot”

    Light toning. Else excellent.

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