• Woman Writes Of Largest Suffragette Parade In New York City's History -- Rare

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    4 pp, 5 x 6, ALS, 88 Bedford St., New York, Nov. 11, 1915, Margaret writes to Mr. D. Mussa of Philadelphia, remarking about the largest Suffrage parade in New York City’s history, three weeks after the parade. The original mailing envelope is included.


    “Here in N.Y. there was a great excitement over the suffragette and a week before election they had a wonderful parade but after all there hard work, it didn’t do them any good for they were badly defeated here – you should have seen the excitement on Broadway that might well I suppose it was about the same in Philadelphia. Did you give them a vote? No doubt you have met my aunt last Sunday in Philadelphia. They were going to go. I hope you had a nice time together. I was home all day...”


    On October 23, 1915, more than 25,000 women marched up Fifth Avenue in New York City to advocate for women’s suffrage.  The fight had been ongoing for more than 65 years, with the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 first passing a resolution in favor of women’s suffrage. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t find success for another five years when New York State granted women the right to vote.  It created a domino effect and lead to the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, which granted women the right to vote across the country.


    The New York Times had reservations about giving women the right to vote. It ran an article warning that if women get the vote, they will “play havoc for themselves and society,” and that “granted the suffrage, they would demand all the rights that implies. It is not possible to think of women as soldiers and sailors, police patrolmen or firemen.”

    Folds. Light toning. Overall in excellent condition and a wonderful example of Suffrage Americana – Rare to find.

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